Phillipsburg Area Performing Arts

474 South Main Street

Phillipsburg, NJ 08865

Membership Application 2013

Annual Dues $50.00

Please Print Clearly

Name ____________________________________________________

Address __________________________________________________

Town/Zip _______________________________  ________________

Phones (h)______________________   (c)_______________________

Email _____________________________________________________

In order to become a member of PAPA, you must be sponsored by an existing member of the organization.  That member will attest to your industry and dedication to the organization.

Sponsoring Member Signature_______________________________

Payment type ___cash  ___check # ___________

Membership is for one year.  Dues are from January to December.

Members in good standing must attend PAPA functions regularly.  The Executive Board may remove from membership any person detrimental to the purposes or goals of PAPA.  Voting members must maintain attendance at 50% of the prior 8 meeting to exercise the privilege of voting for officers

Approved by _______________________  Date _________________

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Receipt for membership in PAPA: ___ cash ___ check for $_________

Date: ______  Accepted by: __________________________

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